Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beginning of a journey.... getting to know M&M

I have been spending a fair amount of time communicating with M&M. I found a great string of questions on a surro-website and I answered all the questions and send it along to M&M - they replied back and our answers were really compatable. I think we will be a great match.

We have talked about dropping the agency and moving forward with an individual match. I feel that I have done enough research to be ok with this. So we will see what happens....

M&M came to visit us at home in the end of June. It was a beautiful day and they brought newly picked strawberries for us all to enjoy. I had made home made pizza and a salad - lunch turned out great and the strawberries were a delicious treat to finish up with. We had a great conversation between Rio, myself and M&M and we got to learn more about each other and our expectations for the journey.

After lunch we went for a walk at Fort Stevens. It was a nice day outside and the kids always love running around at the park. It felt good to be out walking and it provided good opportunity to have small conversations with M and M individually as well as together. I really enjoyed spending time with them both and I am really excited about the prospect of working with them. It was nice to show them our home and give them an idea of our life and for them to meet Rio and the kiddies.