Monday, July 30, 2012

Babies ... well baby kitties that is...

A&S have kittens....Mama brought her babies out of hiding just yesterday.  I have been told that they are so little and sweet!  aawww :-)

... a little bit of sweet love

Planning summer vacation...

I am so excited .. kids are finally done with all their camps - 2 weeks of camp K for Magnus and Olivia and a fun 1 week of day camp at Fort Clatsop for both of them.  Magnus' survival camp included a double camp out in the "wild" and Olivia's included one overnight in Lewis & Clark's cabin where they overwintered in their expedition to the West.  She slept on a deer skin on the hard bunk and was happy as a lark when she came home.  Sebastian is not big enough for overnight camps yet, much to his disappointment, but a week of day camp with lots of fun Lego building was a great hit!

With camps over it is now time to plan a bit of family fun.  Our destination has been pre-determined!  My passport expired here in July and with new regulations for Danish passports in effect as of January 1, 2012, there are only 3 places in the US that I can renew.  So the options for vacation was New York City, Chicago, or Palo Alto, CA.  With all the moving about we are not ready to go on a super long road-trip, so NYC and Chi-town is out.... Cali here we come :-)

I have always wanted to visit San Fransisco, so we are definitely making a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, dinner on Fisherman's Wharf and planning a visit to Alcatraz.

I also hope to visit one of my favorite girls on this trip!  Little miss Violet and her wonderful family - I can't wait to see them all again.

There is another special friend that I would like to visit while in Cali.  She is a fellow Dane and I "met" her the first year Rio and I were married in an AOL chatroom.  She came to the US the year I did and attended high school while I was an au-pair ... commonality ... she met her prince and I met mine.  She came back to the US and married her sweetheart as well!  Well all these years we have stayed in contact but have yet to meet face to face ... I hope timing will work out well as that would totally be so much fun.

Friday, July 27, 2012

St. Jude Warrior...

Rio and I are signed up for the Warrior Dash as St. Jude's Warriors .... Team Frioe :-)

If you want to donate to a great cause look us up through the St. Jude Warrior site ~ our goal is $500 and I just made our personal contribution of $200.

Now I better get back to running every day!!!  ...and get ready for mud :-)

.....and if anyone wants to joins us for playing in the mud ~ September 9th in North Plains, OR - 12:00PM run .... come out and get muddy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New race...

September is right around the corner and I am up for a new challenge ... a warrior challenge :-)

The Spartan Sprint was brutal ... the Warrior Dash is right up the same ally but not quite as difficult.  I will be training more for this one too so I will be better prepared ... and I am totally excited!

Rio will be doing the race with me ... woo hoo!!!  I should know very soon if we are going to move forward with our journey and if not then bring on the mud.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My hubby is home...

Yeah ... finally!!!!  We are both officially in the same state again!  He is starting a new job in Portland next week but will be home for at least 3 days every week ... I am so ready for this!

If I am lucky enough to get accepted into the nursing program next year, we will be looking a a bit more permanent place to stay in the Portland area but for now we are just looking for a small place for him to stay overnight on the days he works.

I am a very happy girl today :-)