Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The first picture of the little beans :-)

A beautiful story...

My surrogacy journey with M&M was everything that I could have hoped for. It was a wonderful experience and M is writing so eloquently about it...I am so excited that a positive story is getting out in the media about surrogacy.

Yeah...congrats M on the publication! You all rock!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exciting day...

Monday brought lots of excitement! First I spent the morning at M&M's doing interviews for some fun stuff .. much more on that later when it is all official! ... all I am going to say is that it gonna be good!!!

V&K have both grown so much and they are very confident walkers now ... so cute!! And little Miss V looks adorable with a bow in her times!

The afternoon brought a different kind of excitement as it was ultrasound day. We have all been waiting for this day with great anticipation. My beta numbers were great, higher than with V, and I have been experiencing all my usual early pregnancy symptoms ... however, I have also been having a lot more nausea that ever before. It comes and goes and I really have to stay on top of eating something light frequently. It has crossed my mind quite a few times over the last few weeks that something was different with this pregnancy.

The scary thought is always .... is it just all the extra hormones playing tricks on my body or is a little something really growing... well at the ultrasound yesterday it was confirmed that a little something times 2 is growing!!!

Yikes!!!! Two embroys were transferred just like when I carried V.... however, the result this time around is very different. We hoped for one healthy and strong heartbeat ... but on the monitor two little were growing and looking very good.

All I can say is WOW!! I am not that surprised but still it needs some time to sink in. L&J are of course very excited and I too am very excited. I am so happy that we obtained a pregnancy with the first transfer....I pray that this will continue to be a healthy pregnancy all around.

My next ultrasound is schedule for January 17th ... woo hoo!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beta number 2...

Friday was the day for Beta draw number 2....I was excited but had plenty of butterflies in my stomach as I headed to Portland. Sebastian and Olivia came with me for the drive and it was so nice to have them to chit chat with along the way. Sebastian had an upset stomach the day before and was still not on top and Olivia complained about her stomach hurting in the morning as well. I figured that I better take them along as I would not be able to come to school and get them if they got sick and since Rio was in Texas he would not be able to get them either.

The blood draw was quick and easy and then the official waiting began ... wait wait wait!
I was hoping the clinic would call back early in the afternoon ... but nope we had to wait a good long time!

To pass the time, I took Olivia and Sebastian to the dog breeder where we purchased Chompers three years ago. She has puppies again now and they are just so adorable. I would love to add a second doggie to our household .. Chompers needs a friend! The puppies were so cute and Chompers did really well with most of them...I am especially smitten with a little brown one!!

2 o'clock rolls around.. waiting....3 o'clock.. still waiting ... finally at 3:28, exactly as I walk Olivia into dance class, the clinic calls and of course I left my phone in the car! But I had a great message awaiting me on my voice-mail....beta number 2 is **479** and all my levels looked great.

Great number - great doubling time ... Yeah!! Both my betas this time around are higher than with Miss V... L and I have talked about the beta numbers for their previous surrogates and my numbers are right in between theirs .. so what do they mean - well we can now ponder that for the next 15 days! Ultrasound is scheduled for December 27th at 1:30PM and we can't wait to see if one of two small beans stuck around...I am so glad that it is Christmas time with many many other things to occupy my thoughts!

Grow .. grow .. grow!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beta Day....

WooHoo.....beta today confirmed what I already knew to be true...L&J have a little something growing .... beta number one 9 days post 5 day transfer is 185

I am so freaking excited....big congrats to L& here is to patiently waiting for the beta number 2 on Friday.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Round one of waiting is almost over...

It is almost Wednesday here!!! YEAH.... tomorrow I go in for my first beta testing and we are all a bit anxious to get the results back.

After my couple of days of best rest were over it felt like heaven to get up and take a shower on Wednesday morning. I had breakfast with L&J before we all left Portland to travel home. It was so nice to spend those couple days getting to know them both better - they are both so nice and just very genuine...I feel very lucky to have made a great connection with them and we are all excited about what the future holds!

I left to drive to the coast full of positive feelings and thoughts. I actually felt sleepy after my drive home which seemed impossible given the fact that I have been doing nothing but lay on a bed for the last couple of days. was a trend that would continue. I am sure it is my body working overtime to create a snug home for a very special someone.

I started feeling a bit achy on Thursday and come Friday morning I just felt so sleepy. I took the kids to school and went home to sleep for another couple of hours ... ahhhh! I am also starting to feel a bit nauseated the moment I wake up and breakfast is definitely a must right away. These are all tell tell signs for me ... and hopefully good signs.

Rio told me on Sunday that I "looked poofy" ... at any other time that comment would have gotten him one on the nose but given what we are trying to accomplish .. I guess I will take "poofy" as another sign of what is happening in my body - and actually I do feel a bit bloated at times and I know that is one of the effects of the extra hormones that I have on board.

By Monday morning, my curiosity got the best of me. I was determined to not take a home pregnancy test ... but alas ...all these small signs and I was just dying to "know". Two little lines were showing - Woohooo!!!!

Yes it is a little hard to see the second line in the picture ... but it is there!!! I am a bit nervous about tomorrow and I hope that my beta confirms what we think we know. Time will tell....Wednesday hurry up and get here :-)