Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Round one of waiting is almost over...

It is almost Wednesday here!!! YEAH.... tomorrow I go in for my first beta testing and we are all a bit anxious to get the results back.

After my couple of days of best rest were over it felt like heaven to get up and take a shower on Wednesday morning. I had breakfast with L&J before we all left Portland to travel home. It was so nice to spend those couple days getting to know them both better - they are both so nice and just very genuine...I feel very lucky to have made a great connection with them and we are all excited about what the future holds!

I left to drive to the coast full of positive feelings and thoughts. I actually felt sleepy after my drive home which seemed impossible given the fact that I have been doing nothing but lay on a bed for the last couple of days. was a trend that would continue. I am sure it is my body working overtime to create a snug home for a very special someone.

I started feeling a bit achy on Thursday and come Friday morning I just felt so sleepy. I took the kids to school and went home to sleep for another couple of hours ... ahhhh! I am also starting to feel a bit nauseated the moment I wake up and breakfast is definitely a must right away. These are all tell tell signs for me ... and hopefully good signs.

Rio told me on Sunday that I "looked poofy" ... at any other time that comment would have gotten him one on the nose but given what we are trying to accomplish .. I guess I will take "poofy" as another sign of what is happening in my body - and actually I do feel a bit bloated at times and I know that is one of the effects of the extra hormones that I have on board.

By Monday morning, my curiosity got the best of me. I was determined to not take a home pregnancy test ... but alas ...all these small signs and I was just dying to "know". Two little lines were showing - Woohooo!!!!

Yes it is a little hard to see the second line in the picture ... but it is there!!! I am a bit nervous about tomorrow and I hope that my beta confirms what we think we know. Time will tell....Wednesday hurry up and get here :-)


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