Monday, April 29, 2013


A saying goes that when one door closes another one opens.  I am saying my prayers for a door to open for A&S .. and if not a full door then someone please crack open a window!
We have decided to close the proverbial door on our journey.  Obstacles keep popping up and at some point enough is enough.  As I tell my children, in all races some one has to be last... I guess this is our race to be last.  It seems that every time things were looking up ... something looks back down.  We were once again fully set to go, confirmed insurance coverage, my body in great shape for a pregnancy and testing coming back good ... then a very sudden and unexpected loss of a job for my hubby and thereby loss of insurance.  BAM another smack in the face and a big challenge for my family as we try to regroup and figure out what to do next.  We all feel like we have been pulled through the ringer and perhaps it is just time to let go...letting go is hard and I hate it but I guess such is life.
This roller coaster of ups and downs and almost "there" has been gut wrenching ... but I know beyond the shadow of doubt that I am richer by a friendship.  Their desires were strong, my intentions were good and our match was great .. but sometimes strong, good and great is not enough.  Nothing is fair surrogacy, the road can be long and sometimes is does not end where it should.  Life is unfair .... 
Who knows where my road will lead ... who knows what doors will open next.  I will open my eyes and my heart to the wonder of life's journey and wait to feel the gentle breeze flowing in from an open door ~ hopefully it will the door of nursing school beckoning me to enter :-)

Friday, April 12, 2013


I got news just the other day:

"The Undergraduate Admissions Committee has finished reviewing the applications and we are pleased to announce that you have been offered alternate status with us.  We congratulate you for your achievement!"

Sure I was hoping for an acceptance to arrive but alas a wait-listing is better than a straight out denial.  I know that last year they went through quite a few people on their wait list so there is still a chance that I will be offered a spot.

So the wait continues!  I know that accepted students will have a 2-3 week window before their deposits are due so it will be a minimum of another 3 weeks before I will hear anything further.

Hopefully by then I will also hear back from the local school here on whether I will be invited to sit for the proctored essay which is the last step of the application process here.

..happy waiting!

Friday, April 5, 2013

My second nursing application is turned in...

It was dropped off on Tuesday and I am happy to have it in - now all I have to do is wait!  I am really good at that ... tapping my little feet and waiting.  So much easier said than done!

Acceptance letters are supposed to go out from OHSU on April 15th.  I find it a bit ironic that the deadline is April 15th again this an accountant, rounding April 15th is always great news as that means a big chunk of busy work is out of the way.  How funny that this date is making another presence of sorts in my life ... seems very appropriate!  Anyways .. just ten or so more days to go before I will have an answer.  It has been a long wait and I find my self checking email frequently to see there are any news...but no news yet.  So I am going with the "no news is good news" at least for now.

Week one of the term is over and we are right back in the deep of things.  It will be a busy term so I am glad that I just have one class to concentrate on.  I am trying to get Spanish lessons worked into my schedule as often as I can and I have managed to make it through the first four lessons.  It is actually lots of fun to be studying Spanish again.  Thinking that I need to plan another trip to Mexico just so I can practice! the way .. is it April 15th yet?????  ;-)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Been a slacker on the workout front...

But April 1st is here and I am back at it!!!   I managed to keep below 125 for a while but with out consistent workouts my weight has crept back up to just under 130.  Not happy with that so April 1 is a new day ... and 125 watch out - I got my eye on you!!!

Started my morning bright and early on the abglider and with a hand weight work for upper body.  After the kids went to school, I attempted the cardio insanity workout ... yuck... I did not get far :-(  I did about 1/2 the workout but with breaks in between - this is crazy that my stamina has taken such a quick dive. 

I want to do the Spartan Sprint again but they changed the Northwest dates to August this year so it will all depend on timing whether or not I can do it.  So in the short term I will need something else to focus as my goal ... now off to ponder which race I want to run and where :-)

Happy April 1st y'all :-)