Friday, April 5, 2013

My second nursing application is turned in...

It was dropped off on Tuesday and I am happy to have it in - now all I have to do is wait!  I am really good at that ... tapping my little feet and waiting.  So much easier said than done!

Acceptance letters are supposed to go out from OHSU on April 15th.  I find it a bit ironic that the deadline is April 15th again this an accountant, rounding April 15th is always great news as that means a big chunk of busy work is out of the way.  How funny that this date is making another presence of sorts in my life ... seems very appropriate!  Anyways .. just ten or so more days to go before I will have an answer.  It has been a long wait and I find my self checking email frequently to see there are any news...but no news yet.  So I am going with the "no news is good news" at least for now.

Week one of the term is over and we are right back in the deep of things.  It will be a busy term so I am glad that I just have one class to concentrate on.  I am trying to get Spanish lessons worked into my schedule as often as I can and I have managed to make it through the first four lessons.  It is actually lots of fun to be studying Spanish again.  Thinking that I need to plan another trip to Mexico just so I can practice! the way .. is it April 15th yet?????  ;-)


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