Monday, November 19, 2012

Power ... glorious power...

It is finally back on!! 

We lost power last night.  After a couple of hours in the dark, I got the kiddos all settled in for bed and asleep and then the power kicked back on around midnight.  Luckily the kids are out of school for Thanksgiving break this week, so I did not have to get them all up in the morning.  I still had to get up and go to school though.

The power was on when I left, but by the time I arrive at school, no power there or at home.  Classes was cancelled shortly there after...and I went back home to find hungry kids and a dark house!

We spent the day in front of the fireplace and with a host of neighborhood kids joining the fun.  Around 3 I gave in and opened the freezer as I knew all the ice-cream would be melting and no good ... so we had a mini ice-cream party ... then voila ... power came back on!!!  YES!!

I am thankful for power!!  ...and winterstorms ~ they make room for some cozy days by the fire :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Started my nursing school application...

I am so excited to begin this process.

I cannot complete the application until I finish the current term but I have started it... woohoo!!!

I will be applying to two schools.  The first application is due on January 5th and for an accelerated nursing program at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland.  This is an accelerated bachelors degree program and is my first choice.  It is highly competitive to get in.  If I do get in (oohhh pretty please with a cherry on top!!!), the program will start next summer and last the following 5 terms.  The school has a great program and being able to take advantage of my previous degree and finish my BSN (Bachelor's Degree of Nursing) in 16 months is a very attractive option.

However, I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket, and I am currently making sure that I will be eligible to apply to the local program here as well.  The local program is at the school where I currently take my pre-requisites - they have a very solid program here but it is my second choice as it is an ADN (associates degree) program.  In addition to being an ADN program, it is a 2 year program and when done, I will still need to do a bridge program to get my BSN.  So in total it will take me 3 years to get done versus 1 1/2 if I can get in in Portland.

Either way, I get to pursue a dream .... I am so excited and love all the new material I am learning.  I feel so fortunate being able to pursue this.

Thanksgiving is next week...

...wait a minute that means Christmas is just 39 days away!!!  I love Christmas!!!  But I am not ready for Christmas just yet....yikes!

What I do love love LOVE is that early December will bring the end of the term.  This term has been so hectic.  I feel like I am studying all the time and there is still more to do and learn.  Do not get me wrong I am loving it, but sometimes it would be nice to slow it down just a little bit.  Today we had our exam on muscle physiology and anatomy ... and while I have learned a ton over the last 2 1/2 weeks of covering this subject matter in class, I just feel like there is so much more to learn and that just a few weeks on muscles is not enough.  Anyhow .... exam #3 is done!!!  Only the final is left .. Yippeeee ... 

I have 3 weeks left of this term.  Having 11 credits is definitely preparing me for getting back to school full time and I am really hoping that I will get accepted at OHSU for next summer.  I have two of my old transcripts ready for submission already and as soon as I can get my hands on transcripts for this current term, my application will be in.  The application deadline is January 5th.  I have started the online piece of it and I am a currently working on my application essay to accompany the application.... it is just so exciting.

Another exciting new addition to my schedule is that I am now volunteering at the hospital.  I have the opportunity to be in the ER and to watch and observe the flow of the hospital there.  It is great.  I get to sit with patients who may some extra monitoring and help out with turning over the rooms and run to the lab ... I am loving it.  The best part is that I have ample opportunity to observe the nurses and ask questions when they have time.