Monday, February 28, 2011

OB appointment...

Today was my 3rd appointment with Dr. E. She did an ultrasound to check the heart beats and the babies look great. It was so reassuring to see them move around especially since I am not feeling a lot of movement yet. It is amazing how differently they look from just 4 weeks ago. The spines were so nice and visible and one of them were doing little sucking sweet. Baby A is vertex and Baby B is currently breach - I am sure that will change a million times over the next five months.

I have gained about 5 lbs in the last month and my belly is getting very round...but I am sure it is nothing compared to what it will come to look like. My blood pressure was good and low and my urine was negative ... so in general all looks great.

I started a dialog with Dr. E about delivery scenarios. It is still early but the fact that it is twins this time changes the perspective a little bit and there is more things to think about. In the event of pre-term labor before 35 weeks, I will be sent to Portland ... here is to praying for another nice and uneventful 20+ weeks :-)

I feel really good these days - I am tired ... well more tired that usual but not excessively so. I feels great when I can sneak in the occasional nap which is getting a bit more difficult now that Rio is gone. But I feel really happy and I am just so pleased that the appointment went well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14 weeks 1 day...

...something is growing :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am 13 weeks along today and definitely feeling pregnant. My belly is rounding out and I am starting to feel some movement. It is still very faint but it is the babies! I felt a couple of good jabs today .. it love that feeling.

Generally I feel great but I am very tired especially after a full day at work. I have also had a head ache on an off the last few day - I am willing it to go away! I am trying to hold of on taking any Tylenol if possible .. hopefully extra naps will make it go away :-)

Tomorrow I get to go visit one of my favorite families! It is always fun to watch babies grow ... and Violet is not such much a baby anymore - it will be fun to see what new things she and K have learned.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belly at 12 weeks...

Forget about buttoning my regular pants!!! I have now fully transitioned into my maternity pants with a few exceptions .. a couple of my yoga / sweat pants are still comfortable. I also had to put away most of my fitted shirts as they are just not flattering with a piece of belly sticking out below!

I am now officially done with all the fertility medications both injections and vaginal progesterone... yeah! No more human pin cushion and no more icky sticky mess. The bloating that came along with the injections has gone away too which is very nice. At my OB appointment on Monday, my weight had not changed from 3 weeks before - which really I think is due to the step down of the dosages of the intramuscular medications ... I am sure that will not be the case at the next visit. The 5 or 6 lbs gained with the beginning of the cycling medications can now even themselves out nicely :-) At this point I am up about 10 lbs from my pre-cycling weight.

Next visit is 4 weeks away which seems like such a looooong time given all the appointments we have had throughout the first trimester. If all is well then ... then another 4 weeks and it is time for the mid-way ultrasound. L&J are planning to come up for the ultrasound so we can all find out the genders together - it will be very exciting.

Now here is to patiently waiting for the little ones to kick me! I have felt a little something a few times but nothing definitive yet ... can't wait!