Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year...

I am totally overdue in updating my blog and I will do it very soon.  It has been an incredibly busy February, between lots of decision making, our move, my mom visiting and trying to get back to being some what organized ... it has just been crazy!!

Still I just had to put in a blog post today ...  grateful that 2/29 is not my birthday as only having birthday cake every four years would totally not cut it ... although staying young sure would be a nice benefit ;-) 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine hearts...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day ~ Since Magnus was born my heart has been overwhelmed with so much love .. watching my children grow is just amazing!  If possible, my heart has grown even more filled with love over the last few years.  Three years ago I was coming up on transfer day for little Miss V, two years ago my milk was helping V grow little chuncky legs, last year I carried two little sweethearts in my belly ... and this year I am contemplating adding just a little more love to our lives.....the thought just makes my heart smile and jump for joy.

In my heart, I carry many cute little foot prints...foot prints of my wonderful children who makes me such a proud mama and fill my life with such happiness on a daily basis.  The foot prints of another three little sweethearts who also fill my heart with joy from afar.  Even with angel wings, the joy of having carried little J is a sweet memory always lingering in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweet babies who have grown below my heart .. each and everyone of you are so very special and forever you own a piece of my heart.  Much love to you all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lots of new babies on SMO...

This last week and especially Saturday was a busy day for surro mamas who frequent SMO ... lots of new babies and lots of excited parents I am sure.

Surrogacy is so incredible ... it makes families and brings baby joy and excitement to wonderful people who were not able to achieve parenthood on their own.  It truly makes me smile whenever I read a birth or delivery posting.

The Today Show also had a great story about surrogacy on the program this week.  A family of 4 sisters share a special story...between the women, three of the sisters had 7 girls but one sister had been unable to achieve pregnancy.  So two of the sisters are currently acting as surrogates for her, one carrying a little girl and the other carrying the first boy among the sisters.  It was just such an incredible heart warming story .. radiating the love and joy that surrogacy is all about.

Surrogacy has taught me to be more grateful ... be grateful for every day.  Life is not perfect .. life may be fragile ... but even when things do not turn out the way we originally envision, life is still beautiful and miraculous.  I am so blessed as a mother to have my incredibly wonderful children ~ being a mother is such a life affirming choice.  As a surrogate, I have been so very blessed with giving that gift of motherhood to two very special women....and if I am lucky enough, my hopes and dreams of bringing baby joy to one more incredible woman will come true in due time.

Life is to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate than with the birth of a brand new life ... lots of good wishes for all the brand new surro babes and their families <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My RE has reviewed my delivery records as well as the report from my recent perinatologist appointment and I am happy to say that we are cleared to move ahead with the remainder of the required testing.  So exciting!! 

This also means that we can get ready to start contracts and all the good stuff that comes along with that...while the contract portion is never a favorite of mine, I am sure it will be smooth going.  I think we have already touched on the important aspects for all of us so it is really just a matter of getting it on paper and make sure that all is protected from a legal standpoint.

It is such a sweet feeling knowing that just maybe I will be able to fulfill another baby dream.

The babysitter...

A funny little video ~ now watch out for that evil bunny rabbit...

Monday, February 6, 2012

My lemonade just got a whole lot sweeter...

I was Skyping with my mom and sister-in-law today and mom asked if I wanted her to come and keep me company for the long drive back to Oregon ... how sweet is that!  YES!!!  I am so loving her right now ... my goodness what a treat it will be to have adult conversation along on the trip and so wonderful that I will get to have mom here for two whole weeks.

Now here it to hoping that we will find a driving companion for Rio as well very very soon....still can't believe we are going back to the beach!

To top of my day, I got a big box in the mail from my mom.  Filled with goodies for all of us from her and one of my aunties .... today we are spoiled!

When life hands you lemons ~ make some lemonade...

The house we are currently renting is once again overflowing with boxes!  Yikes...we are moving ... again!!!  Hey I am a pro at this by now.  Really I think I should just invest in a moving truck, that way I can rent it out on the off chance that I am not using it myself ;-)

Anyways with the mortgage company nixing our short sale request, we had to make some hard choices .. and do it quickly.  We have burned through so much of our savings while maintaining "two" houses.  Having our house on the market, making the mortgage payment, paying for the rental and all the stuff that comes along with owning one house while renting another is not cheap. So while I know that this is just situational and temporary ... it still sucks!  But I will remain thankful that we still have options and I am determined to stay positive through this.

So for now ... the children and I are making the trek back to the coast.  If I am going to be paying for my house ... well then I am going to live in it and be close enough to dig my toes into the sand.  To think that I will be standing on the beach by the end of the month gives me jitters.  I love the beach ... can't wait to feel that ocean breeze on my face.

Off to pack box gazillion and one...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Below 130...

Ok it was not much below but my scale did read 129.2 this morning after my oatmeal!!!  Yes ... I will take the small victories as they come along.  Right now reaching for the low hanging fruit is ok!  Using the abglider daily (confession - I did skip yesterday but promise I will make a double go of it today!) is definitely helping.  I can feel my stomach muscles are tightening up under the loose belly skin.  While I do realize that I will never have a bikini belly again, getting in a size 4 jeans this morning did put a smile on my face!

I am choosing to put a smile on my face today.  I know everything will turn out just right in the long run ... I know that my faith will sustain me.  A small set back from school right now will not derail my overall goals ... but it will allow me to focus on a few other tasks at hand. off to organize my photos and work on those dusty scrapbooks so I can at least get them organized before I have to move them yet again!