Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lots of new babies on SMO...

This last week and especially Saturday was a busy day for surro mamas who frequent SMO ... lots of new babies and lots of excited parents I am sure.

Surrogacy is so incredible ... it makes families and brings baby joy and excitement to wonderful people who were not able to achieve parenthood on their own.  It truly makes me smile whenever I read a birth or delivery posting.

The Today Show also had a great story about surrogacy on the program this week.  A family of 4 sisters share a special story...between the women, three of the sisters had 7 girls but one sister had been unable to achieve pregnancy.  So two of the sisters are currently acting as surrogates for her, one carrying a little girl and the other carrying the first boy among the sisters.  It was just such an incredible heart warming story .. radiating the love and joy that surrogacy is all about.

Surrogacy has taught me to be more grateful ... be grateful for every day.  Life is not perfect .. life may be fragile ... but even when things do not turn out the way we originally envision, life is still beautiful and miraculous.  I am so blessed as a mother to have my incredibly wonderful children ~ being a mother is such a life affirming choice.  As a surrogate, I have been so very blessed with giving that gift of motherhood to two very special women....and if I am lucky enough, my hopes and dreams of bringing baby joy to one more incredible woman will come true in due time.

Life is to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate than with the birth of a brand new life ... lots of good wishes for all the brand new surro babes and their families <3


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