Monday, February 6, 2012

When life hands you lemons ~ make some lemonade...

The house we are currently renting is once again overflowing with boxes!  Yikes...we are moving ... again!!!  Hey I am a pro at this by now.  Really I think I should just invest in a moving truck, that way I can rent it out on the off chance that I am not using it myself ;-)

Anyways with the mortgage company nixing our short sale request, we had to make some hard choices .. and do it quickly.  We have burned through so much of our savings while maintaining "two" houses.  Having our house on the market, making the mortgage payment, paying for the rental and all the stuff that comes along with owning one house while renting another is not cheap. So while I know that this is just situational and temporary ... it still sucks!  But I will remain thankful that we still have options and I am determined to stay positive through this.

So for now ... the children and I are making the trek back to the coast.  If I am going to be paying for my house ... well then I am going to live in it and be close enough to dig my toes into the sand.  To think that I will be standing on the beach by the end of the month gives me jitters.  I love the beach ... can't wait to feel that ocean breeze on my face.

Off to pack box gazillion and one...


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