Monday, November 10, 2008

Telling family and friends...

When I began to seriously consider surrogacy, I broched the topic with a few good friends and ofcourse with my hubby. I had lengthy discussion with a them and by answering their questions, it really helped me work through my own feelings about doing this.

Early on I also spoke with my sis-in-law who has been through IVF about the process and her thoughts - L your feedback was very valuable and I appreciate your support and excitement!

I especially appreciate some very dear friends from Denmark, who although not entirely agree with my endevor, they still have lots of support for me. Thank you you both!

I was a bit nervous about telling my mom and sister. It is always hard to anticipate other peoples reactions.. but it was positive. I think they were very surprised but also very interested.

My MIL does not really agree with my choice, but then again, I am not seeking her approval. I wanted to let her know about my upcoming jorney as the kids will likely make comments about it when talking to her and I did not want her to be caught off guard.

I know that not all people will understand why I want to do this, and there will some who do not agree with my choice. That is fine with me....kind of like....I do not like peanut butter and I am sure that is fine with them too..... Life is all about choices - one of mine is to help a wonderful couple achive their baby dreams.