Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So many things to consider...

I have officially been accepted into two different accelerated nursing programs and have made two deposits to hold my spots...I know that I can only attend one school and a final decision will need to be made.  Each program have facets that are really appealing and the choice is a tough one but I am 99% sure of where I will go....and orientation is just 2 weeks away!!!! 

There is only one way my choice will change at this point and that is if a solid job offer in the Midwest for Rio comes through.  The hospital he is looking at is local to the nursing school and if that opportunity comes though, then I will adjust my plan and off to Illinois we go for a fall school start for me and the kids.  While the school is not my number 1 choice, all of us being together in the same place would be ideal. 

However for now I am Portland bound and June 14th is orientation day.  I am so excited that this is happening!!!  At the same time it is a bit emotional to know that I will not be home with the kiddos every single day to tuck them into bed.  I have talked to them a lot about my choice to attend school and I know that they will be just fine with Daddy.  Of course I will be home every weekend and break from school and I will Skype with them every day.  They are the most important people in my life and I am doing this for them as much as for my self. 

Yesterday was busy, I drove up to school to make my deposit and then went to buy shoes and try on scrubs.  Today I ordered some of my supplies today .. what a thrill.  There are a million .. at least ... small and big things to consider, address, plan, and do between now and June 14th.  With the bigger issues being finding Rio a new job, housing for all as we are renting out the house, and finishing up our plans on exactly how the 16-17 months are going to play out.

I have started boxing stuff up and the office is being overtaken as storage room.  I have made my way through a chunk of non-essentials in the garage and living room and is slowly beginning on the bedroom and children's rooms as well.

On top of all the arranging of stuff, I still need to manage my studying for the anatomy & physiology class that I am currently.  We are so close to being done and I really want a good result to finish out my prerequisites.

Hold on tight ... this is going to be one crazy ride :-)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surprise call but silence at the end of the line...

Today my phone rang and when I looked at the display I saw L's number - I instantly got a big smile on my face ... what a surprise as I have not heard from her in a very very long time.  Then I picked up the phone and only heard chatter in the background.  It seemed that the call was not made intentionally and no one answered when I said hello.  I said hello a couple of times, just listened for a bit and then I hung up.

How I wish that L actually called to say hello....maybe someday.  I miss hearing from them and my heart feels a little raw tonight.  I truly just hope that they are all doing really well and that life is good.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And so it starts...

The packing of boxes that is.  I am 90% sure of my choice for nursing school at this point.  Regardless of which school I choose, it will necessitate a move and packing will need to be done.  Therefore I am putting some of my nervous energy into getting organized and ready.

Really what I need to do is read about the digestive system and metabolism .. but my thoughts are just scattered everywhere so reading is not doing me much good right at this point.

So instead I will look at boxes and let the butterflies of excitement flutter around in my belly.

I got one thing checked off my to-do list today.  I had blood drawn for my vaccination tithers.  One thing down .. about a million to go!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birtday to a sweet boy...

Little N ~ you are in my thoughts a lot today.  I wish you a wonderful birthday!  Lot of love always...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day...

I love being a mommy ... and my beautiful, kind, imaginative, crazy, wonderful children makes my everyday filled with joy and wonder.  I love you!

To my mother ... I love and miss you ~ sending hugs across the oceans to you.

To M, L & A ... You are all very very special to me and I wish you wonderful mother's day filled with lots of love and snuggles.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mail has arrived...

Letter #1 ... from the local ASN program I applied for.  Acceptance here is based on a point scale with the top 40 students invited to write a proctored essay worth 10 points and then the top 20 students are accepted into the program.  I have 54.2 points out of 56 available before the essay ... this is great as I know even if I did a completely awful job on the essay, my chances for getting accepted are still very very good.....BUT I have decided not to do the essay and leave the spot for someone else because ... drum roll please.....

Letter #2 ... acceptance for fall start in an accelerated BSN program back in Illinois.  I got email confirmation of acceptance yesterday but the real letter arrived today.


A phone call bright and early from OHSU this morning offered me acceptance into the summer cohort for their accelerated BSN program....yikes program orientation for this one is only 35 days away. 

Wooooohooooooo ... yeah baby ~ I am in ... now begins the hard work!!!!

This is a lot of excitement in just a couple of days.  I am trying to let it all sink in because time for decision making is right around the corner.  Which program to choose, where to go .... what is the best choice for me, for the children, for Rio .... so many things to consider and so little time.

My stomach is so full of butterflies :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is the mail here yet...

To say that I am looking forward to seeing the mail lady everyday is an understatement.  I am waiting on pins and needles for news about nursing school ... and today we did not even get any mail - the mail truck just went right on by!!!  Yikes .. I just want to know already! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hoping that next week brings nursing school news...

I am waiting on news from three different nursing schools ~ one locally, one in Portland, and one in central Illinois.  It is funny how timing works but it seems likely that news from all three will be forthcoming next week.

The local program was supposed to send out their invitation for the proctored essay at the end of this week, so presumable it could arrive on Monday.  The program I was wait listed for in Portland had an acceptance and deposit deadline of May 1 for the students accepted on the first round, so by the end of next week they should be working their way through the second round of acceptance letters for people who initially were placed on the waiting list.   And just today I got an email from the program in Illinois to let me know that official letters of acceptance will go out in the middle of next week.

All three have their own set of advantages and while I am waiting for news, I am still pondering which program is best in the event that I get the option to choose.

The program locally is much cheaper than the other two initially, but it takes longer and will require a BSN completion program after the first two years here.  So while I know it is an excellent program, I am not sure it is the right fit for me.

The Portland program is ideal only if I know Rio will be in Portland full time as well and right now it is not looking that way.  I know this program will be intense and full days Monday to Friday.  My worry here is that if something comes up with the kids during the day, I will be missing instruction time and nursing schools are typically not very flexible when it comes to missing out on school days.  This program is a great opportunity but only if it works for the entire family and right now I am not sure this is the best fit.

The program in Illinois was the one I was previously accepted to start but turned down as we moved back to Oregon.  It was not in my plans to apply for it again but once I realized that I had been placed on the waiting list for my program of choice in Portland .. I figured that it could not hurt to have it as a backup option.  Quite frankly this one is the best program option for me as the instruction hours will not interfere with the children's school.  It is so important for me that I can be there for the children with respect to breakfast and getting them off to a good start and then again in the afternoon when they get home and need help with homework.  Especially if Rio is not around full time during the week.

So here is to more hurry up and wait....hopefully next week brings good news!