Friday, May 3, 2013

Hoping that next week brings nursing school news...

I am waiting on news from three different nursing schools ~ one locally, one in Portland, and one in central Illinois.  It is funny how timing works but it seems likely that news from all three will be forthcoming next week.

The local program was supposed to send out their invitation for the proctored essay at the end of this week, so presumable it could arrive on Monday.  The program I was wait listed for in Portland had an acceptance and deposit deadline of May 1 for the students accepted on the first round, so by the end of next week they should be working their way through the second round of acceptance letters for people who initially were placed on the waiting list.   And just today I got an email from the program in Illinois to let me know that official letters of acceptance will go out in the middle of next week.

All three have their own set of advantages and while I am waiting for news, I am still pondering which program is best in the event that I get the option to choose.

The program locally is much cheaper than the other two initially, but it takes longer and will require a BSN completion program after the first two years here.  So while I know it is an excellent program, I am not sure it is the right fit for me.

The Portland program is ideal only if I know Rio will be in Portland full time as well and right now it is not looking that way.  I know this program will be intense and full days Monday to Friday.  My worry here is that if something comes up with the kids during the day, I will be missing instruction time and nursing schools are typically not very flexible when it comes to missing out on school days.  This program is a great opportunity but only if it works for the entire family and right now I am not sure this is the best fit.

The program in Illinois was the one I was previously accepted to start but turned down as we moved back to Oregon.  It was not in my plans to apply for it again but once I realized that I had been placed on the waiting list for my program of choice in Portland .. I figured that it could not hurt to have it as a backup option.  Quite frankly this one is the best program option for me as the instruction hours will not interfere with the children's school.  It is so important for me that I can be there for the children with respect to breakfast and getting them off to a good start and then again in the afternoon when they get home and need help with homework.  Especially if Rio is not around full time during the week.

So here is to more hurry up and wait....hopefully next week brings good news!


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