Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Appointment with Dr. E...

We hit the 24 week mark yesterday .. yeah! And today I had a good and "boring" appointment with Dr. E. My pregnancy is progressing well and everything from the OB's standpoints looks good.

My blood pressure was good and low and my weight gain from last visit was about 4 lbs ... the number on the scale is heading North - I will not have any trouble outweighing Rio this time!

My belly measurement is 28 cm which is about 4 weeks ahead of where a singleton pregnancy would be at this time.

Dr. E did a quick ultrasound to check the babies heart rates - they were beating away about in the 130's. I messed up on the little video camera and did not get any footage of this visit .. I so wanted to get it to share with L&J but apparently I was a bit technologically challenged this morning. Baby A is vertex and laying on the left side of my belly and Baby B is breech and laying on my right side. It is nice to know who is kicking where :-)

So overall another great appointment - we go back in 4 weeks unless of course something comes up in the mean time. At the next appointment I will get to enjoy the lovely glucose screening ... yummy! ... good thing that Easter is over and it is time to step away from the chocolate bunnies!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pictures of V&K...

Yesterday I received a sweet email with adorable pictures of V and her brother K.... ohh my they are growing too. They are now 18 months - time is flying! It makes me so happy to see their little sweet faces.

Happy Easter...

...and I have the egg to prove it:

On Tuesday we will be 24 weeks along and these little boys sure are growing. I have an appointment scheduled with Dr. E on Wednesday and I cannot wait to find out how big I am measuring. For sure I am bigger than I have ever been before at 24 weeks...and my belly is starting to peek out below some of my maternity shirts! Now if that is happening at 24 weeks .. well at least that is a good excuse for a bit more shopping ;-)

It feels good getting to the 24 week mark - hopefully the babies will have a good long time to hang out and kick me still ... but it is just nice to get past this point in any pregnancy.

I am feeling really good ... maybe a bit lazy actually! Carrying twins is definitely more taxing on my body but I make sure to have lots of time to sit down and relax and get my feet up for a bit periodically throughout the day. Most of the time I get to bed pretty early too which is easy to do since Rio is not here....I have no clue as to what goes on on late night TV these days!

Friday, April 1, 2011


The ultrasound revealed two baby boys!!! I had a feeling that one of them was a boy

I am so incredibly happy that everything is progressing well and that the babies growth seems right on track. The babies measured 20 weeks and 1 day and exactly 20 weeks and I was 20 weeks and 1 at the time of the scan.

I find it so facinating to watch these little miracles growing in my belly moving around constantly and kicking and waving their little arms. So much activity on the inside - hidden completely for all that looks on from the outside.

I had a wonderful couple of days with L&J. They flew in Wednesday morning and drove out to the coast for the appointment. We met up for a quick cup of coffee/hot chocolate and then headed over to the clinic for the ultrasound. Dr H did a great job explaining everything as he went along and it seems that he was very happy with the babies presentation.

The heart rates sounded great on both babies, for baby A is was in the 160's but he did not say the rate for baby B. Actually he had a bit of a challenge getting baby B's rate as he kept moving around. At 15 minutes or so into the exam, I began getting really dizzy from laying down on my back and Dr. H had to stop the exam so I could sit up for a bit and get a drink of water.

Overall I think baby A got the most attention during the ultrasound and Baby B did not get as much detailed look as A .. but maybe he looked at it more quickly and just explained the anatomy more while looking at A. Both babies had the cord between their legs but the verdict is 95% sure that it is two little boys. Woohoo L&J are so excited!

...double trouble that's for sure :-)

After the appointment L&J came to dinner at the house and got to meet the kids. We had a really nice time. It was great just being able to relax at home with them and invite them into our home. We also took a drive to the ocean even through the weather was really crummy. I hope that delivery time will bring lots of sunny days to explore the coast a bit up here.

L&J brought goodies for all of us...the kids were so excited and felt very special getting a gift. I also felt very spoiled with a lovely robe and a very cool "even miracles takes time" sign from L&J and also a neat purse with lots of body products from L's mom ... so sweet of her to think of me.

Thursday morning I met up with L&J at the Pig'n'Pancake for breakfast before I was headed of to work and them going back to Portland to fly out. It was great just have a bit of "grown-up only" time to chat.

I feel so fortunate to have connected with a second set of wonderful intended parents - they are truly enriching my life and I just feel so very happy being able to fulfill their dream of completing their family.