Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Appointment with Dr. E...

We hit the 24 week mark yesterday .. yeah! And today I had a good and "boring" appointment with Dr. E. My pregnancy is progressing well and everything from the OB's standpoints looks good.

My blood pressure was good and low and my weight gain from last visit was about 4 lbs ... the number on the scale is heading North - I will not have any trouble outweighing Rio this time!

My belly measurement is 28 cm which is about 4 weeks ahead of where a singleton pregnancy would be at this time.

Dr. E did a quick ultrasound to check the babies heart rates - they were beating away about in the 130's. I messed up on the little video camera and did not get any footage of this visit .. I so wanted to get it to share with L&J but apparently I was a bit technologically challenged this morning. Baby A is vertex and laying on the left side of my belly and Baby B is breech and laying on my right side. It is nice to know who is kicking where :-)

So overall another great appointment - we go back in 4 weeks unless of course something comes up in the mean time. At the next appointment I will get to enjoy the lovely glucose screening ... yummy! ... good thing that Easter is over and it is time to step away from the chocolate bunnies!


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