Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Below 100 days...

Woohoo there are less than 100 days before M&M become parents!!! ...well I guess that depends on when Baby V decides that she is ready to arrive maybe it will still be more than 100 days...but in theory we are below 100..YEAH!!!

M&M your little girl have been giving me a hard time today...she decided that sticking her feet up in my ribs was good for her...ahhh.. I had a hard time I am sure she will keep you busy busy busy. She continues to be very active - I love feeling her move around. Her movements are strong enough that you can see the surface of my belly bouncing when she kicks.

I go on my Wii Fit with Olivia last that was an eye-opener! According to Wii fit, I have gained 19 lbs since last December and my Wii character is now nice and plumb!.... At the OB office, my weight gain was 12 lbs since my first visit there at 12 weeks and I know that I had gained a bit while cycling with the medications...but I guess this confirmed it...hard cold facts! yikes!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The scale...

Not sure I like my scale anymore!!! I am sure it is reading too I am even above 150 on my home scale in the morning...yikes!! Well I guess that is the direction it needs to be going but....

I continue to eat really healthy. I do a lot of snacking but it is mostly on fruits and veggies. Most days I feel like a walking fruit basket... I most admit though, that I also enjoyed a DQ blizzard this past week and another piece of that evil chocolate cake Sissel bought and left behind last weekend!

I try to walk most evenings when I get home from work - but some days I am just too tired. I also try to get out for short walks at lunch time and in the afternoon at work. It always feels good to be moving even if it is just a short walk along the harbor.

I must say too that it is so good to have Rio home again. We have missed him so much while he was away at school...although I did not miss his mess!!! LOL!
He is doing lots of stuff with the kids too and gives me plenty of time to relax a bit when I need it. He also goes walking with me and the dog - thank you honey!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visitors and the Beach...

This past weekend we enjoyed visitors from Denmark. My dear friend and a colleague stopped by for the weekend and we had so much fun. I got a great walk Friday night showing them a portion of Fort Stevens.
On Saturday we went to Ecola State Park and hiked down the trail to Indian Beach. The hike is about 1 1/4 mile up and down the mountain side ... so a bit strenuous but I managed ..however do not plan to do that one again until after Baby V arrives!
When we got to the beach the tide was out so we got to play in the tide pools and looks at starfish and sea was really cool. The kids loves that kind of stuff and the weather was just beautiful.

I enjoyed so much having my friend in town. It is not that often we get visitors from Denmark and it is always nice to share our life with friends and family. Thank you so much for coming!

On Sunday we went for a walk to the local marina - not far but still a good walk when you have 3 kids and the dog in tow. For dinner Sissel and Tanja went shopping and cooked dinner (well Rio handled the grill)...yummy....feed me and I am happy!!

It was a great weekend and I got lots of walking in there! I am trying to keep up a good amount of walking to be in good shape for delivery and also to feel good physically. I am starting to feel the extra pounds on my body and getting more easily tired now...but considering that we are pushing 25 weeks I think that is to be expected.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two for Two...

In two days I have had two doctors appointments and got two opportunities to hang out with M&M ;-)!!! Happy to report that it was a great two day!

On Monday we went back to Legacy Medical for a follow-up ultrasound to look at baby V's heart. Everything looked great and her growth is right on target - Tuesday is week 24 and she measured 24 weeks on Monday. We got to see some really cool 3D/4D pictures - totally awesome. I have never seen these types of ultrasound images with my own children so this was great. You could see her profile so clearly and see her tapping her little feet. Her feet by the way measures 4 1/2 wonder I am really starting to feel her kicks!

Baby V was laying head down. I get lots of "tickles" and punches on my lower belly which would be her very active arms. On the upper side of my belly, I mostly feel her movement on the top right side of my belly....and yep her feet are inching closer to my ribs!!! I have gotten a couple of good whacks!

Both M&M and my hubby was there for the ultrasound - we had a party in that room. I am especially glad that M (IM) was there as she did not get to be present at the last ultrasound. I think watching the baby moving is so gratifying and reassuring.

M&M also brought me a wonderful bag from is so nice ...definitely for Mommy time out with NO kids!!! Thank you so much - you are always so kind to think of me. After the appointment we went for delicious chocolate!!! yum...

On Tuesday I had my regular OB appointment at the clinic. M (IM) came out for the appointment. This time we met with the midwife in the practice...what a treat! She is something else! Very nice just shall we say..a bit different! The appointment was good ...well aside for me packing on another 6 lbs during the last 4 weeks. My weight gain is increasing a little more rapidly that I wish. Although at my prior visit I had only gain 2 lbs. The second trimester has historically been the time when I have gained the most weight with my own children as well..but seeing that scale blast past the 150 mark is always a bit scary!

M and I also went to the hospital for a quick tour of L&D. The nurse who showed us around seemed nice. The department is much smaller than at the other hospitals I have delivered at but the facilities seems just fine and I have really only heard good things about it. Hopefully when the time comes they will have an open room for both me and M&M so they can stay in the unit as well.

M stayed for dinner and to visit for a bit after the appointment - it was very nice just catching up and sharing a meal...I love sharing a bit of our organized craziness that we call our life with M&M - just wait to the twinkees come and you will be busy!!