Sunday, July 26, 2009

The scale...

Not sure I like my scale anymore!!! I am sure it is reading too I am even above 150 on my home scale in the morning...yikes!! Well I guess that is the direction it needs to be going but....

I continue to eat really healthy. I do a lot of snacking but it is mostly on fruits and veggies. Most days I feel like a walking fruit basket... I most admit though, that I also enjoyed a DQ blizzard this past week and another piece of that evil chocolate cake Sissel bought and left behind last weekend!

I try to walk most evenings when I get home from work - but some days I am just too tired. I also try to get out for short walks at lunch time and in the afternoon at work. It always feels good to be moving even if it is just a short walk along the harbor.

I must say too that it is so good to have Rio home again. We have missed him so much while he was away at school...although I did not miss his mess!!! LOL!
He is doing lots of stuff with the kids too and gives me plenty of time to relax a bit when I need it. He also goes walking with me and the dog - thank you honey!!


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