Wednesday, September 23, 2009

34 weeks and 1 day..

Today I went to see Dr. E for my 34 week check-up. I have gained 1 1/2 lbs in the past two weeks, my belly is measuring 34 cm, and my blood pressure was....ahh I forgot - I think 106/62. No swelling and baby V's heart rate was good ... I love the sound of the heart beat. I had a little glucose in my urine again today - but nothing to worry about....must be all that yummy yummy cake I ate for my birthday yesterday :-) Dr. E is really happy with my progress and so am I.

I also got the flu shot today. Normally I choose not to get it as it always seems that when I get it then I am sick and when I do not get it, I get through flu season just fine! Anyway I got it today as it is highly recommend for pregnant women to get it. I will hopefully protect me and Baby V will benefit as well. I will be getting a second flu shoot once the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is available.

I always call M&M after my appointments - as always it was nice to catch-up and let them know how I am doing. M (IM) has been a bit under the weather for the last week....I hope you feel better soon! I am very excited that she will be returning from the NY soon - I can't wait for her to get to feel Baby V move again. Although her movements are slowing down a bit, she continues to be very active. I think is it so amazing to feel parts of her body through my skin....I call feel the hardness of her bones and often a foot or hand. Olivia told me today that my belly looked really big...and that she did not think it will get any bigger! It is pretty round I will give her that ... and some of my maternity tops will no longer cover my entire belly - yikes!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Legal paperwork...

We received the last round of legal paperwork from our attorney today. This paper work is for the Declaratory Judgment for M&M to be named the legal parents of baby V.
I am so excited for this to be done and hopefully everything will go very smoothly with getting it filed with the courts and signed by a judge.

I will initially go on the birth record as the birth mother, but the Declaratory Judgment will all the vital records office to ensure that M&M will be listed as the legal parents on the initial birth certificate. We all hope to have this finalized soon so that it can be provided to the hospital before the birth occurs.

I have been working on a list of things to get ready for the birth ... wow it is coming up in about 6 weeks now!! I has been a little bit since I have been through this and I just want to make sure that I am ready. I am also working on a birth plan to give to my OB and the hospital nurses - I really want everyone to be fully aware of the situation and makes sure that M&M are included to the full extent possible in baby V's birth.

Luckily Rio is doing his clinical rotation close to home this fall, so I plan for him to be present for the birth as well. He has done such a good job of keeping me grounded during my deliveries with our own children...actually he delivered Sebastian and did fantastic. Now with him being into his clinical year of the Physician Assistant program - this whole pregnancy, labor and delivery provides an additional opportunity to learn.

I am thinking a lot about the upcoming birth. Wondering if I am ready for this journey to come to completion. And although I am very ready for a full nights sleep...on my belly:-)and to have back a normal bladder capacity - I gotta say that there are aspects of pregnancy that I will really miss. I have really enjoyed myself and I feel so blessed to be feeling great all along. Hopefully that will continue for the next 6 week or so. I love feeling baby V move around - that is one thing I always miss after the birth and I am sure this time will be no different.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Belly picture...

A picture from this morning...32 weeks and 3 days. I continue to feel belly is getting huge and it feels really sore at times. Baby V is still very active but her movements are getting restricted. She does not kick as much but moves around quite a bit. She is snuggling in head down and hopefully she will stay that way.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy day and 32 week OB visit...

Today is first day of school for Magnus and Olivia...wohoo I do not know who is more excited...them or me!!! Summer has been long and they are definitely ready to get back into the routine. So since today was first school day, I took the day of work to make sure they got a good start. Since I was off the day was loaded with other stuff!

First the kids got dropped off at school, then Chompers got dropped off at the groomers. Next off to the bank and then the OB office at 9:00 AM. The visit went well. I am up 1 pound over the last two weeks and my belly is still measuring 32 cm. I continue to feel great - although I tire more easily and occasionally my sciatic nerve makes it hard to get up from sitting or laying down. My blood pressure was good and "Dr. Sebastian" got to hold the dobbler and find Baby V's heartbeat - he was so excited. He really enjoyed coming with me to the doctors office and put on full charm for Dr. E. The only bad part of the visit was that I had some leukocytes and sugar in my I had to go down to the lab and give an additional sample for a full urine analysis - this ended up fine thankfully.

Off to home where a friend came to watch Sebastian and then I was off to the dentist!! Things were going well at the dentist for the first 5-10 minutes and the all of a sudden I felt really hot, dizzy and about to loose my lunch. I told my hygienist to please sit me up or I was going to pass out...if that is what morning sickness is like well then I am glad that I have never experienced that...if that was the case, I would have stopped after child #1. I got myself propped up better on a pillow and laid on my side and the rest of the appointment was uneventful. Busy morning and by now it is only 11 AM.

...breathe....home for a quick lunch and then off to do some shopping for our fall fundraiser at the kids school....finished that just in time to drop all the items off at school and pick Olivia up at 1:50PM. She had a great first day and was very happy. So was Magnus when he arrived home on the school bus at about 3:30.. well that is aside from having to do homework already on the first day!

A crazy day - but a good one. Baby V has been quiet but is now very very active in my is bouncing around - wonder if I will get any sleep tonight!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

31 weeks and 1 day...

I feel like the count down is officially on...I have passed the 30 week mark and the eviction notice is signed lol:-) Baby V in less than 10 weeks your Mommy and Daddy will cradle you in their arms. This has been such a long journey for them to reach parenthood....and to think that it is now within reach is so amazing.

Everyday I feel you in my belly as you are growing big and strong. My love for you is beyond words but it is a very different love from that I feel for my own children. You are so precious and you have truly been conceived with the love, help and support of many people. I was trusted to carry and love you for a very short duration of your life and I have enjoyed it tremendously. Very soon I will deliver you into the arms of your parents and your amazing journey in this big world will truly begin. Baby V I wish for you a lifetime of joy, love, happiness, adventure and so much more.