Monday, September 21, 2009

Legal paperwork...

We received the last round of legal paperwork from our attorney today. This paper work is for the Declaratory Judgment for M&M to be named the legal parents of baby V.
I am so excited for this to be done and hopefully everything will go very smoothly with getting it filed with the courts and signed by a judge.

I will initially go on the birth record as the birth mother, but the Declaratory Judgment will all the vital records office to ensure that M&M will be listed as the legal parents on the initial birth certificate. We all hope to have this finalized soon so that it can be provided to the hospital before the birth occurs.

I have been working on a list of things to get ready for the birth ... wow it is coming up in about 6 weeks now!! I has been a little bit since I have been through this and I just want to make sure that I am ready. I am also working on a birth plan to give to my OB and the hospital nurses - I really want everyone to be fully aware of the situation and makes sure that M&M are included to the full extent possible in baby V's birth.

Luckily Rio is doing his clinical rotation close to home this fall, so I plan for him to be present for the birth as well. He has done such a good job of keeping me grounded during my deliveries with our own children...actually he delivered Sebastian and did fantastic. Now with him being into his clinical year of the Physician Assistant program - this whole pregnancy, labor and delivery provides an additional opportunity to learn.

I am thinking a lot about the upcoming birth. Wondering if I am ready for this journey to come to completion. And although I am very ready for a full nights sleep...on my belly:-)and to have back a normal bladder capacity - I gotta say that there are aspects of pregnancy that I will really miss. I have really enjoyed myself and I feel so blessed to be feeling great all along. Hopefully that will continue for the next 6 week or so. I love feeling baby V move around - that is one thing I always miss after the birth and I am sure this time will be no different.


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