Wednesday, September 23, 2009

34 weeks and 1 day..

Today I went to see Dr. E for my 34 week check-up. I have gained 1 1/2 lbs in the past two weeks, my belly is measuring 34 cm, and my blood pressure was....ahh I forgot - I think 106/62. No swelling and baby V's heart rate was good ... I love the sound of the heart beat. I had a little glucose in my urine again today - but nothing to worry about....must be all that yummy yummy cake I ate for my birthday yesterday :-) Dr. E is really happy with my progress and so am I.

I also got the flu shot today. Normally I choose not to get it as it always seems that when I get it then I am sick and when I do not get it, I get through flu season just fine! Anyway I got it today as it is highly recommend for pregnant women to get it. I will hopefully protect me and Baby V will benefit as well. I will be getting a second flu shoot once the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is available.

I always call M&M after my appointments - as always it was nice to catch-up and let them know how I am doing. M (IM) has been a bit under the weather for the last week....I hope you feel better soon! I am very excited that she will be returning from the NY soon - I can't wait for her to get to feel Baby V move again. Although her movements are slowing down a bit, she continues to be very active. I think is it so amazing to feel parts of her body through my skin....I call feel the hardness of her bones and often a foot or hand. Olivia told me today that my belly looked really big...and that she did not think it will get any bigger! It is pretty round I will give her that ... and some of my maternity tops will no longer cover my entire belly - yikes!!


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