Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So many things to consider...

I have officially been accepted into two different accelerated nursing programs and have made two deposits to hold my spots...I know that I can only attend one school and a final decision will need to be made.  Each program have facets that are really appealing and the choice is a tough one but I am 99% sure of where I will go....and orientation is just 2 weeks away!!!! 

There is only one way my choice will change at this point and that is if a solid job offer in the Midwest for Rio comes through.  The hospital he is looking at is local to the nursing school and if that opportunity comes though, then I will adjust my plan and off to Illinois we go for a fall school start for me and the kids.  While the school is not my number 1 choice, all of us being together in the same place would be ideal. 

However for now I am Portland bound and June 14th is orientation day.  I am so excited that this is happening!!!  At the same time it is a bit emotional to know that I will not be home with the kiddos every single day to tuck them into bed.  I have talked to them a lot about my choice to attend school and I know that they will be just fine with Daddy.  Of course I will be home every weekend and break from school and I will Skype with them every day.  They are the most important people in my life and I am doing this for them as much as for my self. 

Yesterday was busy, I drove up to school to make my deposit and then went to buy shoes and try on scrubs.  Today I ordered some of my supplies today .. what a thrill.  There are a million .. at least ... small and big things to consider, address, plan, and do between now and June 14th.  With the bigger issues being finding Rio a new job, housing for all as we are renting out the house, and finishing up our plans on exactly how the 16-17 months are going to play out.

I have started boxing stuff up and the office is being overtaken as storage room.  I have made my way through a chunk of non-essentials in the garage and living room and is slowly beginning on the bedroom and children's rooms as well.

On top of all the arranging of stuff, I still need to manage my studying for the anatomy & physiology class that I am currently.  We are so close to being done and I really want a good result to finish out my prerequisites.

Hold on tight ... this is going to be one crazy ride :-)


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