Friday, November 16, 2012

Started my nursing school application...

I am so excited to begin this process.

I cannot complete the application until I finish the current term but I have started it... woohoo!!!

I will be applying to two schools.  The first application is due on January 5th and for an accelerated nursing program at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland.  This is an accelerated bachelors degree program and is my first choice.  It is highly competitive to get in.  If I do get in (oohhh pretty please with a cherry on top!!!), the program will start next summer and last the following 5 terms.  The school has a great program and being able to take advantage of my previous degree and finish my BSN (Bachelor's Degree of Nursing) in 16 months is a very attractive option.

However, I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket, and I am currently making sure that I will be eligible to apply to the local program here as well.  The local program is at the school where I currently take my pre-requisites - they have a very solid program here but it is my second choice as it is an ADN (associates degree) program.  In addition to being an ADN program, it is a 2 year program and when done, I will still need to do a bridge program to get my BSN.  So in total it will take me 3 years to get done versus 1 1/2 if I can get in in Portland.

Either way, I get to pursue a dream .... I am so excited and love all the new material I am learning.  I feel so fortunate being able to pursue this.


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