Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exciting day...

Monday brought lots of excitement! First I spent the morning at M&M's doing interviews for some fun stuff .. much more on that later when it is all official! ... all I am going to say is that it gonna be good!!!

V&K have both grown so much and they are very confident walkers now ... so cute!! And little Miss V looks adorable with a bow in her times!

The afternoon brought a different kind of excitement as it was ultrasound day. We have all been waiting for this day with great anticipation. My beta numbers were great, higher than with V, and I have been experiencing all my usual early pregnancy symptoms ... however, I have also been having a lot more nausea that ever before. It comes and goes and I really have to stay on top of eating something light frequently. It has crossed my mind quite a few times over the last few weeks that something was different with this pregnancy.

The scary thought is always .... is it just all the extra hormones playing tricks on my body or is a little something really growing... well at the ultrasound yesterday it was confirmed that a little something times 2 is growing!!!

Yikes!!!! Two embroys were transferred just like when I carried V.... however, the result this time around is very different. We hoped for one healthy and strong heartbeat ... but on the monitor two little were growing and looking very good.

All I can say is WOW!! I am not that surprised but still it needs some time to sink in. L&J are of course very excited and I too am very excited. I am so happy that we obtained a pregnancy with the first transfer....I pray that this will continue to be a healthy pregnancy all around.

My next ultrasound is schedule for January 17th ... woo hoo!!!


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