Thursday, March 27, 2014

Entering second trimester...

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have entered into the second trimester.  I am starting to feel the baby move every once in a while and I am looking forward the feeling of more consistent movement.  For the most part I feel really good physically with the occasional aches and discomfort.   This morning I have had a lot of aching on my right side right where my hip bone is.  I think it is just ligament stretching but yikes it should feel free to stay away!

I feel so happy and elated about this pregnancy but also very emotionally charged.  The smallest things can make me weepy.  Looking at baby items makes my heart beam with feelings of joy of being so lucky to actually get to enjoy this stage of parenthood once more.  I felt certain that I was done with that aspect of life but finding myself pregnant I am realizing just how much I will love having a baby in our lives again.   At times these moments also make me feel very very vulnerable and sadly longing for what has been lost. Yesterday as I walked through a store I saw the cutest little blue baby blankets and instantly my thoughts lingered with L&J and their sweet baby boys.  While time heals some sorrows lingers on even as time passes.

Pregnancy is miraculous and wonderful....and then at the same time terrifying.  I feel worry creep in due to the outcome of my last pregnancy but I also know that placental abruption can happen to anyone and there is no predicting the occurrence.  It was a fluke and the likelihood of it happening again for me is the same as for any other woman.  The incidence is slightly higher due to IVF treatments and carrying twins but neither is the case for this pregnancy. 

I pray for a long and healthy nine months and for a sweet baby to join our family in due time.


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