Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beginning of a journey ... meeting M&M

Today I met my potential IP's for the first time....and I sent them to the wrong place to meet me how smart is that - that gives a good first impression! We were to meet at Doogers in Seaside, but when I sent the link for directions it was for the location in Cannon Beach...oops! Anyway with the help of my contact at the agency, we got it straigthened out and M&M came to Seaside to meet with me.

I was a delightful lunch. It was great to meet them and we had a very interesting conversation. I really think M&M could be the couple to work with. We view many of the topics that I find extremely important in the same way and I like their approach to surrogacy. They obviously had a lot of questions and so did I - I got a lot out of the meeting and hope that I provided many of the answers they were looking for.

We had a long lunch and afterwards I joined up with Rio and the kids for a walk on the beach. Funny thing is that we saw M&M at the turn about with some friends - I introduced Rio and the kids very briefly but did not want to intrude on their time with friends. Hopefully we will have another chance soon to get them all acquinted.


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