Monday, January 5, 2009


People often ask me why I decided to be a surrogate and although there are many reasons why - the most important one to me is the miracle of seeing the world through the eyes of children. Children are amazing and mine have enriched my world in ways that I cannot begin to describe. I love them so much and treasure every day that I spend with them.

To be able to be part of bringing the gift of a child to someone who truly longs for that is such an incredible feeling. I hope and pray that our transfer will be successful and that M&M will soon be enjoying parenthood.

I loved being pregnant. I had three wonderful pregnancies and enjoyed every moment of them...well ok maybe not EVERY moment ... but most! I love the feeling of the first little flutter of movement and later being able to see the babes moving around. I feel strongly that my family is complete but I do not feel "done" with pregnancy. Being a surrogate will allow me to help a wonderful and deserving couple achieve parenthood ... and I will get to enjoy being pregnant.

Some have stated that "they could never give away their child"....and to them I say - "I am not". This little miracle that I hope to carry deep inside me very soon is not mine - it is that of a wonderful set of future parents who have dreamed, wished and prayed for a miracle for so long. This baby will not have any part of my biology - I am just providing the warm belly for it to grow strong and healthy. This child will always reside in my heart but it will live a life with a family who truly longed to welcome and embrace children into their lives.

M&M - I will treasure this journey with you. Life is a miracle and I feel so fortunate to be a part of a miracle waiting to happen.


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