Monday, September 13, 2010

Maybe a match...

I have been corresponding with L since the middle of August and it feels incredible exciting getting to know about her, her family and her baby dreams.

It is a bit scary to go through an independent matching process. With the agency, so many things are spelled out up front and I only talk to potential couples who already like my profile. Whereas with an independent match, nothing can be taken for granted and it leaves you very vulnerable as you divulge a lot of of very personal information. You never know how your emails will be received and it can be difficult to wait for responses ... especially when you would like to know everything... like yesterday!!! ...yes I know ... I have to have patience. Not everyone spend their lives on the computer the way I do...!!!

Going though the matching process has a lot of unknowns, and there are so many things to take into consideration when making a match for a surrogacy journey. many things to discuss and so many compatibility factors to consider.

For me having a great connection with potential future intended parents is extremely important. Enjoying a great personal relationship and feeling like the opportunity is there to develop and nurture a friendship that can last for a long time to come means a lot to me. Although I do not expect to become a part of my IP's daily life, I would love to continue contact and hear updates about this special little person who was brought into this world because of our very special connection.

Surrogacy is a miracle ... I truly wish that I once again will be able to help make someones baby dreams come true...


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