Sunday, September 12, 2010

School and Soccer Saturdays are back...

School is back in session and so is soccer!!! Yeah. Last week brought first school day for all my kids...even my baby!! Sebastian is big enough to enter Kindergarten this year...and he is so excited to be going to school. It makes me a bit sad to think that I have no more little ones at home .. but watching his happy little face light up in a bright smile anytime someone mentions the school bus just melts my heart.

Olivia and Magnus are both glad to be back with their friends...although less excited about the return of "The Homework"...I am glad to have them back in school .... and since they are all going this year this means that I can actually take a shower without anyone knocking at the bathroom door.

Soccer is also back ... yeah for lots of running!! Sebastian is playing for the first time this year - I love watching the little kids play. The all run around in one big clump and chase the ball - I call it bumble bee soccer .... a whole lot of buzzing going on on that field! Olivia is also playing in the recreational league this year ... and she was very disappointed to learn that her first game was canceled this weekend. Magnus is playing "Classic" soccer this season which is a competitive league and they actually get to travel for games (to the Portland area). They play the full lenght of the soccer field so there is lots of running ... this equals a very tired boy on game days and practice days. He looks so handsome in his real soccer uniform...go Riptides!!! He did great in his first game on Saturday .. it was so much to watch.


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