Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December is here...

And Christmas is just around the corner ... well actually it is already here!  Most of my Christmas decor is still in boxes but hey the boxes are open and a few items have made their way around the
house.  I was going to decorate this past weekend .. we were off to a good start on Saturday but got side tracked with taking pictures of the kids for the Christmas cards...some turned out really cute

Then I spent Sunday fuming instead of decorating!  Saturday night we went out to get a few items and before we left, my dear hubby took Olivia's instrument out of the car and placed on top of his car.  Surely with the intention of bringing it in when we got home .. well that did NOT happen!  Bright and early Sunday morning, Rio heads off to work ~ with an instrument on top of the car ~ la di da!  GRRRRR.... I found her music book laying in the street in front of our house but not the instrument.  Who knows where it ended up :-( .... I was not a happy camper.  I know Rio was really upset about it too.  I am sure I made him feel even worse with my mood ~ ~ he pretty much stayed away from me the rest of the day.  What a way to spend a Sunday!

Sebastian had his school Christmas performance last night - he did a fine job my little man.  The kids were so cute and the concert was really a lot of fun to watch.  Magnus and Olivia both have their concerts next Tuesday ... and here is to hoping that Olivia's newly ordered instrument will make it here in time!  I begrudingly paid extra for 3 day shipping so she will have it in time for the weekend to get some practice in before the concert, especially since she had to take this whole week off from practicing.

This coming weekend I am in for a treat.  Some fun time all on my own ... can't remember when that happened last.  I am going to the annual gingerbread house decorating get to together with some former co-workers.  It was a tradition started while I still worked at PwC and I have not been able to be part of the fun while we have lived in Oregon.  So this weekend will be such a treat and I am really excited to see everyone again.

Now off to clean the house and decorate...


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