Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun morning...

I spent the morning in Olivia's class room today .. sharing about our Danish Christmas traditions and our love for putting candles on the tree... well really all over!  I also showed them some of my "nisser" (Christmas elves), taught them how to say Merry Christmas in Danish ~ Glaedelig Jul ~ and talked about how little Denmark is compared to the United States.  It was just so much fun sharing with the kids and answering questions for them.

It was also a joy to watch Olivia in her daily environment.  My girl is so funny!  She got her braces on Tuesday and she has not smiled with an open mouth since then in school.   Actually the week before she got her braces on, I got the top 4 list of reasons why she should NOT get braces:

1. I will never open my mouth
2. I will never talk even at school
3. I will never eat anything
4. I will be ALWAYS be hungry

I am happy to say that 1 ~ she is opening her mouth; 2 ~ she is talking (even at school); 3 ~ she is eating but 4 ~ she is STILL always hungry :-)

Anyway she is getting quite advanced at keeping her lips wrapped around her teeth and has been keeping the color of her brace bands a secret at school.  So as soon as I come into the class room, I get a string of kids wanting to know the color of Olivia's rubber bands on her braces.  Sorry kids... I cannot divulge that information (..they are smoke and sapphire!!!) you just gotta get my girl to laugh out loud!

As mad as she has been at me over the last few weeks leading up to getting braces put on, she has actually done really well.  I think the excitement from the other kids of wanting her so show them off has been good .. she is feeling a bit special and getting lots of attention in class.


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