Saturday, January 12, 2013

I am waiting...

For news on two fronts!!!

The longest wait is going to be related to school.  My nursing school application was submitted and received and the long wait for acceptance letters to come out mid-April is going to be .. well LONG!!!!  However, I am so excited about having it turned in.  School is going well and I am so happy to be at the point when I can once again apply to nursing school.  It was disappointing to decline my spot in the program back in Illinois last year, but it was the best option for our family at that time.   But now I am just really happy to once again be at this point where I am waiting to hopefully be accepted.   I am going to think only good thoughts.   I really know in my core that this is the right direction for me and every time I volunteer in the Emergency Room it just reaffirms that I REALLY really want to do this.

The other piece of news is related to this amazing thing called surrogacy!  It has now been year since A&S and I decided to explore the options for pursuing a journey together once again.  There have been some hills to climb in this journey and a few things still need to fall into to place ... but the possibilities of continuing our journey is here.  A and I have been chatting back and forth a lot and I think we both have little jitters.  A&S have dreamed of adding to their family for a long time and at times I know it seemed like we would never get to this point ... yet here we are.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring :-)

...Happy waiting!!!


greatdana said...

You have such a good attitude. I hate waiting!

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