Thursday, February 7, 2013

Application #2 is available and due by April 5th...

I am applying for a second nursing program at the local community college where I am taking my pre-requisite courses.  The good thing about this program is that admission is purely based on a point system.  There are only 20 spot available in the program, but I think I have a great chance of getting one of them.  Obviously it will depend on the rest of the applicant pool and how my points match up against everyone else.  I will be competitive as I know there are some great students applying as I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough points to make it in!

The are several upsides to the program here.  For one it is a lot cheaper than the program in Portland and no more is required for me to attend.  Also since the curriculum is spread over a longer period, I will have more flexibility with my schedule. 

Then again, there are several downsides ... isn't there always.  If we stay here, we are still not in one place...and since Rio works in Portland, relocating to the city is a great option so we can all be together more. 

The biggest downside in my eyes is perhaps program length.  The accelerated program will conclude in 16 months and I will have my BSN whereas the local program is an ADN program.  Here it will take 7 terms (almost 2 years) to get to my ADN and then I will need to complete an RN to BSN bridge which will take another year.  But then again slow and steady still wins the race ... it truly is about making sure that I find the right fit.  Not only for me but for our entire family.

So which program do I choose.... the obvious choice is - the one that accepts my application!!!  If I only get accepted to one school, then the choice is made....but if I get accepted to both, then I need to make a decision and hopefully the smartest one for all of us.... and which one is that exactly!!!

I have all these thoughts just rummaging around in my head ... competing for my brain cells that are trying to retain all about the brain, the endocrine system, and shortly the circulatory system.  I swear the more I learn the more I realize how much I have yet to learn.


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