Friday, August 22, 2014

In 13 days...

At this time in 13 days, I will be checked in at Legacy's L&D waiting and getting prepped for my c-section.  I can't believe it!!  I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world.  Baby girl has hiccups right now and I am just loving the feel of her move within me.  It is just the sweetest and most special feeling in the world - I am so lucky that I am getting to enjoy this again...insert tears of joy here :-)

On another note I am frantically trying to finish up my last assignments for nursing school.  It is proving a bit difficult as my brain has totally checked out it seems.  I have one report to finish up and a research paper to get done as well as my final evaluation packet.  How I wish I could just snap my fingers and it would be done.  No such luck but little by little I am plucking away at it.  I am determined to have the report done to day and hopefully my research paper too....insert tears of frustration here :-(

The kids are enjoying their last few weeks of summer and I really want to just go and have fun with them.  I have been so busy with school this summer and they have not had a much fun as I want them to have.  Yup pile on the mommy guilt here!!!!

Mommy guilt, pregnancy hormones, exhaustion and unfinished homework is NOT a good combination (insert a steady stream of tears here!!!!) .... I keep telling myself to just breathe - I will make it through .. just breathe.... and for heaven's sake quit crying!!!


Rebekah Hills said...

Hugs mama!! :( All the little / big things piling on can equal a whole lot of sadness, tears, frustration and guilt - hang in there, you will get through, and I am SURE your kids have had a wonderful summer, even if there is more you wish you could have done with them. I feel that way all the time about my big boy - wishing I could take him to more things, do more with him, feeling inadequate. It always feels like I could do more.

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