Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One pink little bean is growing...

Today was finally ultrasound day...I have been waiting for this day! I have been feeling good and experiencing my regular early pregnancy signs ... but the thought of "what if" was there.
Well today we met with Dr. H - my mom came along and M (IF) was there too...and the ultra sound looked great. The embryo is little pink bean is hanging out in there - YEAH!!! We transferred two and one stuck - just perfect. The heartbeat was 125 beats per minute which is right on target. Dr. H said that everything looked good and measured right on track. What a relief to hear - and how wonderful to hear the me it sounds like a little horse just running along.
M (IF) was very happy - this is just so exciting for M&M - I love the fact that I am helping them create their family. M (IM) called a bit later in the afternoon ... I picked up the phone with a "Hi Mama"....she better get used to hearing that.
Dr. H also said for me to go ahead and schedule an appointment with my regular OB for after our next ultrasound which will be on April 8th....woohoo almost down to being a regular medications have been reduced but I will still have to do injections for another 5 weeks or so..but soon that will end too.
Great day - great news....


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