Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ultrasound today...

Today I went for my 10 week ultrasound and everything looked great!! Yeah! M&M and Rio came along for the visit at Dr. H's - great visit to share with everyone.
The change from the last ultrasound to todays is amazing - the little pink bean has grown into a tini tiny babe with wiggling arms and legs. The heartbeat was great at 167 that sound...M (mom) got to hear it for the first time today.

After the clinic visit we all went out for a delicious lunch (thank you!!) know feeding a pregnant girl will definetely keep you in her favor!! I had a great crab salad .. and that dessert I was not going to eat was very delicious as well.

I also went to do a bit of maternity shopping since we were in the city. Not to many place at the coast to shop for that...and my pants are getting tight .. so my belly will love these new soft waistbands.

I am 1/4 through the pregnancy....the end of the first trimester is nearing. After the visit today I got a plan from the RE clinic to start reducing my injectable medications...yeah! I will have to do shots for just another week...woohoo..
I am done at the RE's office now and will be going to a local OB for my next appointment. M (dad) will come along for my first visit with Dr. E later on in April..we are all excited to get to this point.


Kelli K said...

Wonderful news Fie, keep up the good work!

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