Sunday, June 28, 2009

21 weeks and counting...

Wow I cannot believe that we have reached past the halfway point of this pregnancy - it has gone by really fast! I feel great and baby V is very active at this point...I love feeling her move - it is so reassuring. M&M's little girl is growing big and strong .. and my belly is getting out there. Sebastian loves to pet the belly and ask about the "baby-egg"...he is so sweet.

I have my follow-up ultra-sound scheduled for later in July to take another look at the heart. Hopefully everything will look great. I am very excited to go as M (mom) will get to be there too - I hope that it will be a wonderful experience for her. Hopefully by then Baby V's kicks will be strong enough that they can be felt on the outside of my belly as well so they can feel her move.

My own three kiddoes have started summer vacation and Magnus and Olivia went off to camp today. This is the first time they are going to be gone for a whole week on their own. I think they are going to have lots of fun and I know Sebastian is going to love being an "only-child" for a bit. Later this summer we will be taking a trip down the Oregon Coast to explore the beaches futher south and to visit the Sea Lion Caves.....yeah I love summer!!


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