Monday, June 1, 2009


Today we went to the Maternal Fetal Health Center at Legacy Emmanual Hospital for my ultrasound of baby V. M (IF) came to the appoinment as well. We had an hour long genetic consultation where we talked about the different aspects of this pregnancy and chances for fetal abnomalities and risks of doing an amnio.

It was agreed that given all the data already gathered about the pregnancy and health of baby V that we would not do an amnio. Instead off we went to a very indept ultrasound...and baby V looks great!

She was very active in there. It always surprises me how active a fetus can be without being able to feel it. I have felt her move plenty now and do so at least a couple of times aday. But the feelings are still faint...but very reassuring.

Everything in her development looks great. The doc had some trouble seeing all of the we will go back for another ultrasound a little bit later on. At this stage of the development it can be difficult to see all aspects of the heart and doc said that between 20 - 24 weeks that would be easier. He said he did not think it was anything to worry about - but a good thing to follow-up in case there is a problem and then make arrangements for delivery accordingly. For now, I will just continue to enjoy Baby V's movements and pray that everything will turn out just fine.


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