Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clinic appointment and wonderful lunch today...

My journey with J&L is moving right along. Timing wise every thing fell into place for a transfer cycle in November which works great with everyone's schedules. We had the option of doing the transfer in December but that seemed a bit hectic so close to Christmas so we are all hoping for success in November and something to be really thankful for.

My injections are still going well. I am really so happy to have Rio here to do the intramuscular ones for me - these first ones are spread out nicely, but starting next week I will need a daily injection of progesterone .... I told him he is allowed to continue as long as he does not use me as a dart board!!!

I went for a clinic appointment today to have my lining checked and blood work done. My lining was at a 13.5 mm and triple striped which is great. Dr. H is very happy with my progress and I am just relieved that everything is right on target. My blood work also came back good and my estrogen level is right where it should be so there is no adjustments required for my injections. Transfer is 11 days away and we are all excited!!

After my clinic appointment I met my previous IP's for lunch at Mother's Bistro.. what a treat! It is always great to see them and I truly enjoy their company. They brought along K (V's brother) ... he is just so cute! Walking all over the place and just full of joy!


Katie said...

you are moving right along! Hope to hear some good news in a few weeks!

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