Saturday, December 15, 2012

WHY must this craziness happen...

I have said before, that in the big scheme of things I believe things will happen because they are meant to .... but with the events of yesterday that belief is again just flying out the window.  Once again I am sitting with the wish that if we could just turn back the hands of time ... change one little detail and maybe the outcome would have been so very different.

There is absolutely NO way such a horrific and terrifying event should EVER happen.  All I am left with is why why why feeling and a broken heart ... why would anyone want to take their anger out on sweet little innocent children.

The news from CT yesterday breaks my heart.  I feel so sad for all those parents that did not get to hug their children last night.  I know that when mine arrived home from school, I squeezed them so tight that they were batting at me to set them free.  Loosing a child is incredibly difficult under any circumstances, but adding in this horrific and violent is just so unimaginable. 

Any mass shooting is disheartening - no one ever deserves to die like that.  The victims age in this one though, just makes it so much more difficult.  What is the answer?  More gun control, tighter security, or better mental health treatment and education? .... I don't know but something has got to change.  Schools should be a safe place to be - the mall should be a safe place to go shopping - the movie theater should be a safe place to go for entertainment.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all who were affected by this sad event...I pray for peace for all of you.


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