Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10K a day...

I am determined to stay fit and active throughout nursing school.  Since I will away from the kids during the week, I really have no excuse for not exercising!  The school has an awesome gym that we have access.  I went to work out last night just to check it out.  It has some great fitness classes as well so I will have to check so of those out over the next few weeks too.

I also got out my pedometer and planning for 10,000 steps per day through out school ... that is something like 4,500,000 steps :-)  Crazy many steps ... one day at the time - I started off yesterday with 14K not including my 5 miles on the bike!  Exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul.  I plan to use it as a stress reducer because surely stress will set in at some point.  Our first lecturer said yesterday "every week in an accelerated program is like finals week" .. well there is amping up the pace and the stress level.  My goals are though not to stress out and keep ahead on my studies as much as possible.

School started yesterday and it was a great first day.  Before classes I went to the computer lab to print out what seemed like a small mountain of paperwork to get ready for this weeks classes.  So now in my room I have a small mountain of binders to match my mountain of books.  It was exciting to start and to listen to the first few lectures - it has me assured that I will love nursing school.  I know there will be plenty of trials going though this program but that is ok - what does not kill you makes you stronger. 

For sure there will be a lot of reading, a LOT of homework assignments, and a lot of learning new skills and processes.  Today will be the first clinical day.  Obviously we are not ready to care for any patients at this point so all our clinicals for the summer will be in the simulations lab or at the school of nursing.  Here we get to learn all the basic assessment skills and process to build our base knowledge. 


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