Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am starting nursing school...

on Monday!!!!  Yikes - it is really happening and I am excited beyond words.

My day was quite busy after taking Jane to the airport last Thursday.  I had quite a few things to accomplish in order to get ready for school orientation on Friday.  First up was getting my temporary parking permit, getting my car services, and getting keys to my newly rented space.  The apartment is located very close to the university and I can walk over in less than 10 minutes which is awesome.  Especially as parking on the university is not easy to get for a new student.  I am very happy that I can park my car where I will be living and just walk over to school.

I will be sharing an apartment with a very nice couple.  I have my own bathroom which is nice and while the bedroom is very small, it will be functional for what I need.  I spent most of Thursday evening getting thing in order in my room and shopping for a few items I needed.  I slept on our sleepover mattress .. and ouch!  I have no idea how the kids can sleep on that thing and still be rested the next day!  Mission for Friday became quite clear to me upon awakening ... get a bed!!!

Friday was the much anticipated nursing school orientation day.  63 of the 64 students in my cohort attended and I got to chit chat with several of my future class mates and a few of the students from the cohort that started last summer.  It was very reassuring talking to some of the current students and hear their input on the program.  Overall the orientation day went well, we were bombarded with lots of information and it sounds like it will be a terrific program.

I have spent the week since orientation getting ready for school, ordering books, and getting stuff organized to bring to Portland tomorrow.  Most of my time though have been spent with the kids.  Hanging out at the lake, the beach, the falls ... having fun and just enjoying each others company.
I know I will miss them so much during the week when I attend school, but I also know how fortunate I am to be giving this opportunity to continue my education and being able to devote myself to my studies full time during the week and then get to come home and love on my family on the weekends.

So here is to a new chapter in my life ... nursing school!  


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