Sunday, June 17, 2012

I AM a Spartan...

What a crazy crazy undertaking ... the Spartan Sprint is NO joke!

This morning I feel pretty much run over by a truck ... and I know the only way to combat my sore muscles is a little jog to get them to loosen up.  The thought of running right now is .... uhmm not so fun...but I will do it.  Because even just sitting in my bed, I feel sore and achy.

My knees and palms are totally thankful that I was wearing knee pads and half gloves .. my elbows?  Not quite as happy - Ouch!!!  They are both pretty bruised.  I guess crawling - no creeping is more like it - on your belly uphill in finger-deep mud, below barb wire while being hosed down with ice-cold water from a fire-hose, did my elbows no me, you will dig in anything in just to get forward and upward - including unpadded elbows!!

Still ... 3+ miles, countless of obstacles, a nasty spill off the monkey bars, 90 burpbees later and a jump over the fire... I finished the Spartan sprint in about an hour and a half.  I am proud of my accomplishment - the experience rocked!!

My two big kiddos ran in the Spartan Kids race - they loved it!  Well done kiddos ... I am just so proud of both of you!!  Getting muddy and having fun .. it was just a great day.  Both of them got a taste of running a race ... and they want to do it again!  I will totally do another race like this - but got to work a bit more on my upper body strength first....well that and nurse my raw elbows back to health!

I AM A SPARTAN .... aruuuuuuu!!!!!!


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