Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of first term back in school is near...

Yikes my microbiology final is coming up in just about a week....not sure that I feel ready for the final yet - but I am ready to get the first term back to school under my belt.  It has been a great term and I am really enjoying the subject matter. 

Last week I signed up for both my summer and fall terms ... Luckily I got into the A&P class for fall.  It is a bit competitive to get into here and since I was not allowed to sign up for classes until day two of registration, I was keeping my fingers crossed.  I am excited that I got in and am totally looking forward to starting that class again.  For the summer months I will be enjoying a nutrition class.  It is an online class only which will work well as the kids are out of school.

Once my finals are over I need to get all my transcripts submitted to the nursing program for evaluation and possible transfer credits.  They will go through what I already have as well as the classes I plan to take in preparation for the nursing program to make sure they all fit their requirements.  The actual application window for the program is September through January ~ exciting!


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