Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another term is over...

And I am now two pre-requisites closer to being able to apply to nursing school....I am so excited!  Next up is my Anatomy & Physiology classes and I am really looking forward to these.

My finals for summer term are officially over tomorrow.  My nutrition class was super and I really learned so much useful stuff.  I finished up all my requirements for that class last week and I already have my grade ~ I am a happy girl :-)

I am so happy that I got it done last week because my psychology class has been hectic this week.  We have to work in a group and do lots of online blackboard discussion.  Along with specific requirements for each day this week, we also have to develop a group paper and turn it in as one single document.  That is a bit challenging as we are all on different schedules and making sure that everyone has input and get an opportunity to participate is difficult.  I have really enjoyed the subject matter in this class as well but there were so many more areas that I would have liked to explore... I guess another class for another time ;-)

With school over, I can fully concentrate on our upcoming vacation.  I am so excited to get time away with Rio and the kiddos.  We have lots of fun stuff planned ... now my challenge for that is to get everything to fit in the car...yikes! 


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