Friday, August 17, 2012

Pre-application transcript evaluation...

The nursing school that I want to apply to has a pre-application transcript evaluation service that you can use.  It is great because they will evaluate all previous classes as well as ongoing and planned pre-requisite classes to ensure that they meet their criteria for acceptance purposes.

Well - I got my response letter back today and it is sitting unopened on the bed next to me.  I am nervous about opening it.  One of my issues is that I have schooling from Denmark and I am unable to get an "official" transcript from that school in the format that is typically used in the US educational system.  This presents some difficulty as I may need to use an international transcript service to have another evaluation done and this is quite pricy.  The funny things is, that I never needed that for my initial enrollment or acceptance at Southern Illinois University or for acceptance into the nursing school back in Illinois.  Furthermore, I have met all my education requirements for my bachelor's degree in the US and the credits that are reflected from Denmark were not used to fulfill any of my previous degree requirements nor pre-requisite requirements for nursing school.  So it is a little frustrating that these may now inhibit my ability to go back to school .. hopefully they will not.

Anyways I am nervous about opening this letter ... it may be silly really, but truly I really want a shot at going back to school.  The excitement I feel everything I think about going back is just very fulfilling....ok now on to read!!!

I opened it - no reason to fret!  It was just a standard form letter reply attached to the specific pre-requisite evaluation that I had filled out.  All my planned pre-reqs are good to go, but they did not answer my questions about admissions and acceptance of what I have already provided from my school in Denmark.  Hmmm what to do, what to do...thankfully I still have plenty of time to figure it out as the application widow does close until January 5th.

For now I am going to enjoy being done for this term and the rest of my vacation planning for next week.  I tried to get tickets to Alcatraz but they are all sold out :-( bummer but I am sure we will find plenty of other fun stuff to do.


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