Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I barely ate dinner today ... and not for the lack of hunger ~ insert big pout here!!!

As of this afternoon, I am re-living my early teens....I had braces put back on my teeth.  When I was a kid I had them on my top teeth only - but this time, I am adorned on both the top and bottom.

I have been wanting to get braces for a long time now.  Ever since I had my wisdom teeth (yes maybe my wisdom went out the door back then too) removed back in my early 20's, this has been something I wanted to do.  Once my wisdom teeth were gone, all the work done in my early teens, just vanished resulting in a nice big gap in my smile.  I am so excited that it is finally time to do something about it. 

Our new dental coverage is great so I am all over it :-)  I was hoping that invisalign braces would have been an option .. but unfortunately my gap is too wide.  So on went the traditional good old brace brackets.  Thankfully the top ones are clear, still I feel like I am wearing a grill! 

To beautify my smile and entice Olivia into just a little excitement about having her braces put on, I had them give me a rainbow from different colored rubber bands...I am a sight for sore eyes that is for sure but I am all rainbow smiles :-)


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