Thursday, August 2, 2012


Last year on August 1st I started running.  Slow running and not very far at all...but I started and getting of the couch was a great thing.

This last year has been filled with a lot of moving ~ in more ways that one!!!  We just loaded a little moving truck again the other day.  Rio found some temporary housing in Portland to stay at for a little while as we continue to look for something that can accommodate all of us plus doggies when we go up there.  So we loaded up a little truck with necessities for now.

On the more physical side, I am still running (well ok small confession to be inserted here: for the last month it has been very minimal ... can I blame Rio coming home and bringing bad influence ... LOL!!!) but I am still working out almost on a daily basis.  I have prioritized getting some type of physical activity into my day every day.  We have been surfing, biking and jumping alot and it is all making a big difference in how I if those stubborn jelly rolls on my belly would melt away that would really make my day! 

I am also moving forward on school stuff...I am almost done with two more classes.  I am actually really enjoying both of my summer classes.  The nutrition class is fabulous and giving me lots of good stuff to think about with respect to our daily dietary habits.  While I think we eat pretty healthy, there is always room for improvement (.....eating at Olive Garden last night is probably not part of that improvement plan - but it was ooohhh so yummy :-)

Now I am off for a run ... my doggies are happily wagging their tails in anticipation.  I need to get back into the running habit so I can be ready for the Warrior Dash in September ... just a month away - I am so excited for that run ... just can't wait to get dirty! 


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