Wednesday, May 7, 2014

20 weeks...

I am 20 weeks along tomorrow ... time has flown by!   I am finally feeling more movement and I love when baby girl taps my insides.  It is just such a sweet reminder that we is growing bigger. 

Hitting the halfway point definitely is giving me some jitters.  There is so much stuff to get ready for having a newborn in the house again.  It is actually a bit overwhelming to think through all the little things we will part of me is just putting that aside and hoping that love and a few onsies and cute blankets will do the trick ;-)

School is going well - this term is busy like all the others but in a different way.  Since I am doing my clinical rotation in the populations setting this term it is not as clinically intensive as the previous terms have been.  To make up for that I am trying to do lots of review so that I will be ready to take the NCLEX as soon as I can.  I am hoping that I might be able to squeeze it in before baby arrives but I will be a tight fit.

I am feeling pretty good aside from a really sore throat the last couple of days.  It hurts and it sucks!  I feel thirsty a lot just to get rid of that scratchy feeling.  Ricola and warm drinks are in high demand right now.


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