Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting ready...

In less than 50 days I will get to meet my sweet baby.  Clothes are washed, crib is ready, baby bag is packed and most of my hospital bag is packed as well.  Both bags are sitting in the car seat in our room .. just in case Rio needs to grab them and come to Portland at an unexpected time.  It makes me so excited that everything is mostly ready to greet our new little one.

...Only most ready...I pray for her to stay put for at least another 5 weeks until I finish school.  I have clinical rotation scheduled through the 21st of August so at a minimum she needs to stay put until then.  I am working hard on getting papers and assignments out of the way these days just in case I need to wrap things up quickly.  While in one breath I cannot wait to hold and snuggle my baby girl, in another I want to slow time down.  Slow it down to really enjoy feeling her movements and the magic of growing another baby inside me.  There is nothing like being pregnant and I have love every pregnancy that I have been fortunate enough to carry .. it truly is such a privilege to grow another tiny human 

There is no feeling quite like that of a baby below your heart.  It is so special to me and I am cherishing every moment with her in my belly.  Expecting another baby for our family has been a journey of healing for me - one that I did not realize I needed.  I am constantly taking aback by the very strong love and longing that I have for this child and while the pregnancy has been filled with some emotional ups and downs and worry because of my pregnancy with N&J,  the happiness I feel in my heart is soothing my soul to infinity. 


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